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Integrate your users' genomic data
Retrieve genetic insights immediately
All with just a few lines of code

Genomelink Developer API is currently not available

We'll handle the science

Don't worry — you don't need to know anything about genomics!

Genetic insight at your fingertips

Access the interpretation of genomic data from our annotation database with ease.

No need to understand genes

Don't have a degree in genomics? We've got you covered on the science. Just focus on the coding!

50+ traits. 100,000+ SNPs.

Our extensive knowledge base includes 50+ traits, with more added regularly.

Try Genomelink API in seconds

>>> import genomelink
>>> report = genomelink.Report.fetch(name='eye-color', population='european', token='GENOMELINKTEST001')
>>> report.summary['text']
> const genomeLink = require('genomelink-node');
> let report; genomeLink.Report.fetch({ name: 'eye-color', population: 'european', token: 'GENOMELINKTEST001' }).then(_report => report = _report);
> report.summary.text
$ curl -H "Authorization: Bearer GENOMELINKTEST001" ""| jq '.summary.text'

Developers Genomelink API

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