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Upload your raw DNA data from genetic testings like AncestryDNA, 23andMe, or MyHeritage to get additional DNA analysis. 250+ weekly expanding unique traits, ancient ancestry, family finder, health research, and more. Go beyond ancestry!
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Don’t just settle for an Ancestry DNA analysis! We have a lot more to offer after analyzing your raw DNA data. Our Ancestry, Viking, Nutrition, Wellness, and other reports have been meticulously crafted by analyzing the most recent genetic research. With a free DNA analysis, you can find out what in your DNA makes you… well, you!

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Unlock everything you can learn from DNA

Know how DNA shapes your body, mind, and character to create a unique individual – you! We analyze and update Genetic DNA traits based on growing genomics research. Weekly discovery reports straight to your inbox!

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“I love using Genomelink, it has helped me understand myself and my heritage and I love the reports! Very fun and useful!”

— Erica Greback-Johnson, Arlington, TX
“I love using Genomelink, it has helped me understand myself and my heritage and I love the reports! Very fun and useful!”
— Erica Greback-Johnson, Arlington, TX

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Genetic testing results you can trust

Based on evolving genomics research

  • Our head of science advisory, Dr. Carlos D. Bustamante, is an internationally recognized leader in applying data science and genomics technology to medicine, agriculture, and biology problems.

  • Our team of dedicated researchers has curated over 10,000 genetics studies to build our database and algorithm for accurate DNA genetic testing. We constantly work on keeping pace with the most recent developments in the Genomics field to connect you with the most recent and relevant genetic research.

  • We are proudly backed by pioneers in Genetic Science (Stanford, UC Berkeley) and Technology (Y Combinator).

Participate in research

Upload raw DNA data to contribute to the Genomics research community with our trusted partners and get rewarded. Withdraw your consent anytime you like and delete your DNA data at the click of a button.

 •  COVID-19 Open Biobank Project
 •  Polygenic risk score

Accuracy reporting

Help improve the accuracy of various traits and reports by rating the accuracy of each trait as compared to your personal traits.

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You own your DNA data

Take full control of your DNA data

  • HIPAA-grade security

    Our server is set up in accordance with the requirements of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Aсt (HIPAA), the federal-level security standards for safeguarding protected health information so you can upload DNA data with confidence.

  • No secondary data usage

    We will not use or sell your DNA data without your explicit opt-in consent.

  • Completely deletable

    You can delete your data from our server whenever you wish. We fully respect and support your data ownership.

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200+ Unique Traits
So many traits. So much fun.
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