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We love genomics, and we want you to as well! Here is what our users say about Genomelink.
Caroline Winnett
Executive Director
at Berkeley SkyDeck
Educational and entertaining way to know more with DNA data!
Genomelink is a scientific educational tool that allow you learn more about your DNA identity based on the latest science. We link your DNA data with the latest science research with the intuitive visualization and easy-to-understand educational contents.
  • Paula Elizabeth

    Being adopted, I've tried to learn as much as I could about myself. GENOMELINK has provided new insights that I wasn't able to get from other DNA services.

    I love science, but I'm not a scientist. GENOMELINK makes the results easy to understand.

  • Alexander Parker

    Knowing where you have come from, from both a genetics and an ancestry perspective, will help you understand where not only you are going but where all of us as a society may be moving ahead in our development as a species on this planet.

    Whether your research into these areas are only for personal interest or even entertainment - or perhaps to better understand personal tendencies or even health issues ... utilizing tools like the GENOMELINK will be paramount in gaining valuable knowledge.

    Like our species, Awakens is constantly evolving and improving and I fully believe that your journey into the knowledge of who you are will evolve as you use this tool.

  • Brandon Nakasato

    I am interested in genetics because as a Black American it allows me the opportunity to delve deeper into my family's history, explore in greater detail our African heritage, and identify the genetic basis for some of my inherited predispositions to chronic illnesses.

    I was initially attracted to Genomelink because it offers unique insights into one's genetic makeup. It also allows for me to use a growing list of products tailored to my specific genetic makeup. In this sense, Genomelink is at the forefront of personalized genomics.

  • Michael

    A wonderfully clear interface to another level of my DNA results. Extremely good value that I recommend to all of my fellow Dna voyagers.

  • Julie

    Genomelink is an amazing tool to get more out of your DNA testing. I've learned so much more than what I got through my 23andme results and the best part is that I keep learning more!

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