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125+ unique traits available on Genomelink
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Unique traits available on Genomelink
Food & Nutrition

Alcohol Drinking Behavior

Egg Allergy

Peanut Allergy

Milk Allergy

Vitamin B12

Vitamin D

Vitamin E

Response to Vitamin E Supplementation








Harm Avoidance Behavior

Gambling Behavior

Novelty Seeking Behavior

Facial Emotion Recognition Ability

Social Communication Problems

Instant Gratification

Fear of Pain






Mathematical Ability

Word Reading Ability

Hippocampal Volume

Memory Performance

Brain Arousal at Resting State

Cognitive Ability

Educational Attainment

Musical Ability



Skin Pigmentation

Male-Pattern Baldness



Body Fat Mass

Lean Body Mass

Adipose Tissue Type Ratio

Waist Size

Waist Hip Ratio

Breast Size

Sleep Duration


Post-Exercise Heart Rate Recovery Rate

Muscular Strength

Heart Rate Increase During Exercise

Habitual Physical Activity

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