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Your DNA will Tell you the Secret of your Ancient Ancestry!

Your DNA will Tell you the Secret
of your Ancient Ancestry!

Insight into your ancient ancestors is just a click away! Our algorithm is based on thousands of ancient and modern human DNA samples. It was developed by a team led by Stanford University Professor and MacArthur Fellow, Carlos D. Bustamante.

It returns fractions of your ancestry attributable to:

- Hunter-gatherers
- First Farmers
- Steppe pastoralists
- Indigenous Americans
- West African
- East Asian
- South Asian

Bring you to 5,000 years ago

Bring you to 5,000 years ago

The uniqueness of Genomelink Ancient Ancestry Report is that it explicitly aims to put your genetics in a historical context.

Rather than focusing on relatedness to modern populations and nations, Genomelink uses ancient DNA and our understanding of population genetic history to insert your story into the broader stream of human history.

Your ancestors had unique stories!

Your ancient ancestors had unique stories!

We return more than just percentages in a table. Genomelink’s product provides rich textual content which describes how the ancestor's life was, as well as evocative illustrations. Ancestry will be more than a number. Our aim is to allow customers to “feel” the threads of their genealogy come to life!

Admixture analysis

Admixture analysis

Your genetic admixture offers rich insights into your ancient ancestors. Using thousands of samples of ancient and modern humans, we reveal your admixture - how much you have of Hunter-Gatherers, Farmers, Nomad...

Based on this algorithm, we provide your proportions of your ancient ancestry.

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The results are beyond interesting as they offer deeper details about who I am. You will be surprised how much you can find out just from your DNS.

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Great insight into my ancient ancestry, on ways that other DNA sites don't. I highly recommend it.

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