Physical Traits Testing

Unique DNA Trait Analysis Available On Genomelink
Want to learn more about how your genes and physical fitness interrelate? Here are the physical traits we can help you understand:

Genomelink offers the tools and expertise that will help you realize your full genetic potential. With comprehensive genetic physical trait analysis, we can help you gain the insight you need to live your best life!

All of your physical traits have a genetic basis. What will your genetic profile tell you about your unique physical characteristics?

Whether you seek genetic physical fitness testing or testing to determine whether you are predisposed to physical frailty, we can help. Learn how the qualities that make you unique are all part of your complex genetic makeup.

Skin Texture and Undertones

How the structure of your skin responds to environmental factors

  • Do you tan easily?
  • Do you have breakout-prone skin?
  • Is your skin dry?
  • Is your skin oily?
  • Does your skin have rosy or golden tones?
  • Do you freckle in the sun?

Hair Type and Texture

How the shape and structure of your hair shaft and hair follicle contribute to your hair’s appearance

  • Does your hair curl or frizz?
  • Do you have trouble combing your hair?
  • Does your hair break easily?
  • Do you have thin hair?
  • Is your hair oily?
  • Is your hair naturally dry?

Physical Fitness

How your muscular, respiratory, and circulatory systems interact to optimize your overall physical fitness and potential for conditioning

  • Are you naturally muscular?
  • Are you naturally well-coordinated, or do you struggle with rhythm and synchronization? 
  • Are you good at sports?
  • Do you recover from strenuous exercise easily?
  • Do you recover from injuries quickly?
  • Are you easily exhausted?

Growth Potential

How your body responds to genetic and environmental influences to determine your maximum height

  • Do you come from a family of tall people?
  • Do you come from a family of short people?
  • Is your height consistent with that of your immediate family?
  • Are you the tallest or shortest person in your family?

Facial Structure

How your facial features align to create a symmetrical or asymmetrical appearance

  • Do you have naturally thin or thick eyebrows?
  • Do you have double-fold eyelids?
  • Did you have premature facial wrinkles?

Allergic Responses

How your body’s immune system responds to external environmental elements

  • Did you develop an allergy later in life?
  • Do you have a sensitivity to certain foods or ingredients?

Reproductive Traits

How your reproductive system functions, including length of fertility

  • Do you experience long menstrual cycles?
  • Do you have twins in your family?
  • Do you struggle with fertility?

Here are some of the physical traits our team can help you understand through genomic science.

Physical Trait Testing for Breast Size

Is breast size a heritable trait? Learn what your genetic profile tells you about your breast size here.

Physical Trait Testing for Cellulite

If you struggle with cellulite, there might be a genetic component involved. Learn what your genetic makeup says about why you have cellulite here.

Physical Trait Testing for Double-Fold Eyelids

Are double-fold eyelids common in your family, or are you the only one with this trait? Learn how your genes contribute to your eyelid shape here.

Physical Trait Testing for Excessive Sweating

If you sweat even in cool temperatures or during even mild physical exertion, there could be a genetic component involved. Learn about how your genes contribute to excessive sweating here.

Physical Trait Testing for Facial Wrinkles

How your face contorts and forms dynamic or static wrinkles might have a genetic basis. Learn about your potential for facial wrinkles here.