January 12, 2022
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Are you genetically predisposed to age spots?

Could your DNA reveal your Age Spots? Upload raw DNA data to learn more about yourself and genomics science.
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Could your DNA reveal your Age Spots?

The anti-aging market is a multi-billion dollar one, and it is growing. But do you ever wonder if products and services to take years off your appearance are worth the trouble, or if you need an extra dose? To explore this, this article will look at the genetic factors that predispose you to age spots.

Age spots, otherwise known as liver spots, are dark patches that begin to appear on your skin as you age, especially in areas that have been out in the sun and basking in ultraviolet radiation. They do not cause any physical health damage (unlike suspicious skin lesions, which you should definitely get checked out), but they may cause some people to feel less confident, especially if they form on and around the face.

Unfortunately, some are more susceptible than others to get it: one study found two loci associated with the formation of age spots. Interestingly, these two loci were also associated with whether or not you have freckles. Read the study for where these loci are located in the DNA and what those genes do: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/29895819

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