Human Intelligence Gene

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What do your genes say about your intelligence?

Of course – you don’t need full DNA analysis to know if you’re smart. However, intelligence is a nuanced, multifaceted trait. Your genes can influence your intellectual capabilities in numerous ways. 

Here are a few capabilities that a human intelligence gene might influence:

Information Retention

How efficiently you can store information into long-term memory for instant retrieval

  • Can you easily recall facts, events, and people from the distant past?
  • Can you learn information quickly and retrieve it accurately after several days or weeks?

Problem Solving

How effectively you can devise solutions to difficult challenges

  • Are you good at solving puzzles?
  • Do you consider yourself pragmatic?
  • Are you gifted in music?

Lateral Thinking

Using indirect reasoning and creativity to develop effective solutions

  • Do you think of strategies that are outside the normal, direct processes?
  • Do you tend to think metaphorically?

Language Learning

How quickly and fluidly you can learn different languages

  • Do you learn the meanings of new words easily?
  • Are you good at recognizing subtle differences in pronunciation?
  • Are you good at communicating non-verbally?
  • Are you good at understanding non-verbal cues?

Intrapersonal Intelligence

How accurately you can recognize your own feelings and the source of your emotions

  • Can you admit your weaknesses?
  • Are you able to accurately assess your strengths?
  • Do you reflect upon your past actions and wonder what you could have done differently?
  • Do you occasionally question your motivations?

Interpersonal Intelligence

How effectively you relate to others using verbal and non-verbal cues

  • Are you able to recognize and respect worldviews other than your own?
  • Are you able to correctly infer the emotional state of others?

Kinesthetic Intelligence

How adept you are at manipulating physical objects and coordinating your physical movements

  • Are you a good dancer?
  • Are you able to replicate complex rhythms?
  • Do you enjoy building things and working with your hands?
  • Are you good at riding horses?

Here are a few traits linked to human intelligence genes:

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