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Viking Index - How much Viking
do you have?

The “Viking Index” indicates your own relationship to the ancient people of Scandinavia who lived 1,000 years ago, and spread out across the world in a series of migrations and raids. Our index measures the genetic differences between you, and these people who died more than 1,000 years ago. A viking DNA test is a fun and fascinating way to learn more about your heritage. Many people share DNA with Vikings, but without a Vikings ancestry test, you'd have no way of knowing it. Viking genetic traits can look like traits from all over the world, so you wouldn’t necessarily know you had them without a test. Without being indexed for your specific Scandinavian ancestry traits, you won't know exactly how much Viking ancestry contributes to your heritage.

Who is your closest Viking? DNA match with fossil samples from Vikings

The local matches indicate your genetic similarity to ancient Vikings from these different regions, that reflect their local histories.

Scandinavian Viking

The Vikings of Scandinavian erupted into the landscape of Europe in the 9th century, with rapid raids on England, and stories into France. Recorded historically by terrified Christians, these western movements are documented extensively in history. Those Vikings who remained in the west gave rise to important cultures and societies.

British Viking

The Vikings of Britain and Ireland settled down and integrated with the local people. Adopting the Christian religion, they nevertheless maintained their own lifestyle and language.

Finnish Viking

As the people of Scandinavian moved eastward, they entered the territory of the Finns. The Vikings and later armies under the kings of Sweden, conquered Finland and the eastern Baltic region. A viking DNA test will tell you exactly which of these fascinating cultures you share a heritage with. Whether you come from the fierce Scandinavian Vikings, the more integrated British Vikings, or your Vikings ancestry test reveals that you come from Finish Vikings, you'll have fun thinking about how much you may have in common with the specific Viking culture you come from. Do you have the intense Viking genetic traits of a conqueror, or do you think that the idea of you as a conqueror is ridiculous? Either way, it's fun and interesting to learn so much more about your heritage.

Scientific Background

Where the Viking samples come from

Researchers sequenced the DNA of 442 humans from archaeological sites across Europe and Greenland. Our Viking index and DNA match results are generated using these ancient DNA from the period of the Vikings.

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