Personality Traits Testing

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Genomelink offers comprehensive DNA personality testing reports for the following personality traits:

With Genomelink, you have access to tools and expertise that can unlock your genetic potential. We can empower you with the insight you need to live your best life through in-depth genetic nutrition analysis.

Is there a personality gene that influences the way you interact with others?

Having in-depth personality testing might help you learn how to manage and nurture personal relationships while helping you understand the origins of your unique worldview. What will your DNA tell you about how your personality has evolved throughout your life?

Capacity for Empathy

How deeply and consistently you recognize and appreciate the feelings of those around you

  • Do you have an immediate, similar emotional reaction in response to people in distress?
  • Do you respond negatively or judgmentally to people exhibiting sorrow?
  • Can you imagine yourself in another person’s shoes?
  • Do you recognize the validity of other perspectives?
  • Can you understand the feelings of others?
  • Do you immediately and without thinking want to help someone who is exhibiting pain?

Emotional Availability

How readily you can reveal your emotional vulnerabilities and share an emotional connection with others

  • Are you very uncomfortable in the presence of someone experiencing sorrow?
  • Do you hesitate to describe the person with whom you share an intimate relationship as your girlfriend/boyfriend/partner?
  • Do you trust easily?

Personal Efficiency

How effectively and reliably you can handle your obligations

  • Do you wake up and start your morning at the same time every day?
  • Do you reliably arrive at appointments early?
  • Are you easily distracted?
  • Are you more comfortable when you stick to a routine?
  • Do you compartmentalize your feelings to make sure your tasks are accomplished?


How willingly you engage with others and your level of sociability 

  • Do you feel energized in social situations?
  • Do you seek out situations where you will meet new people?
  • Do you prefer large groups of people to intimate gatherings?
  • Do you prefer having a full daily schedule?
  • Do you fall into leadership positions easily?


How reluctant you are to pursue social interactions

  • Do you prefer spending time alone?
  • Do you think carefully and construct your sentences precisely before speaking?
  • Do you have to prepare emotionally – pump yourself up – before meeting new people?

Here are some of the different traits that might be influenced by a personality gene. We can identify the following characteristics through in-depth raw DNA analysis:

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