What Does Your DNA Say About Your Athletic Genes?

Is athletic ability genetic? Upload your raw DNA file to Genomelink and find out if you have athletic DNA!

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Will DNA analysis uncover your athletic potential? Upload your raw DNA file and discover what genomics science says about your physical performance.

Do you have a favorite sport? If you excel at certain sports or athletic activities, your DNA might be the reason!

Our ability to compete in sports or perform well in physically challenging activities has a lot to do with our genetic makeup. Of course – practice, training, and dedication are the main drivers of athletic excellence. However, a growing body of evidence suggests that the key difference between athletes who are good and athletes who become legends (i.e., the Usain Bolts, Michael Phelpses, and Michael Jordans of the world) might be the presence of certain inherited traits.

Without a doubt, environmental factors play a major role in athletic performance. Nutrition, air quality, water quality, and numerous other conditions can affect physical characteristics that determine athletic prowess. But the type of muscle fibers that dominate – slow-twitch or fast-twitch – is believed to be determined by our genes. Current research suggests that two genes, ACTN3 and ACE I/D, have a major influence on our endurance and strength.

So, what are these ACTN3 and ACE I/D genes, anyway?

What Are Athletic Genes?

There are many different traits that contribute to strong athletic performance, and there are lots of qualities that lead to excellence in sports and other physical activities. The ability to recover from injury is one notable characteristic. The likelihood that you’ll be injured at all is another. Other important traits are height and body type, though these can be evident without genealogical testing. Personality and overall competitiveness are other important qualities that could have genetic components.

Although countless genes contribute to physical ability, the two athletic genes that have received the most scrutiny are ACTN3 (α-actinin-3) and ACE I/D (angiotensin-1 converting enzyme insertion/deletion) genes.

The ACE gene is part of a network associated with regulating body fluids and blood pressure. The ACE I/D polymorphism can be present in several patterns, and it has been theorized that the ACE D/D genotype leads to a higher proportion of fast-twitch muscles and the potential for greater speed and power. The ACE I/I genotype is believed to be a marker for greater endurance.

The ACTN3 gene is only seen in a relatively small portion of the global population. This gene is thought to influence performance in sprints and other short-burst, power-based physical activities.

Other, smaller-scale studies of different genetic factors in athletic performance have found that the PPARGC1A gene (peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor gamma co-activator-1-alpha) might be a factor in the type of physical activities to which your body is best suited. The PPARGC1A protein is involved in the regulation of cellular energy, metabolic efficiency, aerobic respiration, and muscle fiber type switching.

How Do I Find Out What Genes I Have?

Your genetic makeup plays a major role in your athletic prowess. If you want to know more about how your genes could affect your physical performance, you can have your raw DNA file analyzed by the Genomelink team.

If you have had genetic testing performed by a service like AncestryDNA, 23anMe, or MyHeritage, you can access your raw DNA file. If you have not had an at-home DNA test, you can order one from one of the above providers.

Once you have your results, you can uncover a wealth of information about your physical characteristics. These can inform your training choices and help you become a better, stronger, and faster athlete at any age!

Genetic Testing Analysis For Athletic Genes

Go ahead and upload your raw DNA file to Genomelink today to discover all of the data you need to live your best life. With in-depth information about athletic genes, lean body mass, size genes, height genes, and much more, you’ll have the resources to maximize your physical potential.

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