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At Genomelink, we have the most comprehensive and wide range of reports to analyze your DNA and give you insights that go beyond just ancestry. The best part, our fun traits reports are updated with new weekly discovery reports. If that’s not enough, go deeper with Ancient Ancestry, Nutrition Advice, and Fitness Advice reports, all in one place!
Fan Favorites & Wacky Insights
Get new insights weekly with our Weekly Discovery Report, which is part of our Fun Traits Reports package. Always wondering if you have a big head? Now with your DNA you can settle the mystery once and for all. Or maybe your friends are convinced you are impulsive, let your DNA do the talking with traits in these categories below.
We have over 150 traits, see all our existing Fun Traits.

Discover more with Ancient Ancestry, Fitness,
and Nutrition reports.
We are taking you beyond fun traits with our newly added detail reports. Discover where your ancient ancestry of 5,000 years ago came from, including Indigenous Americans and Steppe Pastoralists analysis. And, learn how you can improve your diet and exercise with the latest of Nutrigenomics and Sports Genomics.

Ancient Ancestry Report

Our unique Ancient Ancestry Report reveals how much DNA data and genetic profile you share with your ancient ancestors over 5,000 years ago. It comes with 7 major group analysis, including Hunter-gatherers / First Farmers / Steppe pastoralists / Indigenous Americans / West African / East Asian / South Asian.

Nutrition Advice Report

Genomelink has partnered with scientists in Nutrigenomics to give you actionable nutrition advice based on your DNA. The field is continuously finding that there are strong correlations between your genetics and your micronutrient levels in your blood serum. Genomelink combines your current self-reported body conditions with genetic trait analysis to provide personalized nutrition advice that comes with specific food recommendations catered to you!

Fitness Advice Report

We believe you can improve your fitness outcomes by being better equipped with deep knowledge of yourself. In the Fitness Report, you will get detailed advice on aerobic training, resistance training for power and resistance training for building muscle size. Our Reports are based on the latest scientific research and personalized to you based on your genetic predispositions.
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