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Traits and advice covered in the report

Unique genetic trait analysis

  • Endurance performance


  • Speed performance


  • Strength performance


Personalized recommendation

  • Aerobic training

    Aerobic training

  • Resistance training for power

    Training for power

  • Training for building muscle size

    Building muscle size

What other Genomelinkers say

  • Jody

    I love running and triathlons and really enjoyed learning more about my genetic strengths in regards to fitness. It definitely matched some of my strengths.
  • Dean

    I'm getting back into a fitness routine, and this report was valuable for helping me think about which types of workouts to prioritize.
  • Barbara

    I learned so much about my body and how my genes affect my ability to do certain types of exercise.

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  • What if you could know more?

    If just thinking about exercise tires you out, then it might be because you are choosing the wrong types of workout routines. Your DNA holds the key to understanding the types of exercise that your body is most suited for, and with a fitness advice report offered by Genomelink, you can gain a greater understanding of how your body works in order to maintain optimal health and fitness.

    Our scientific approach to fitness offers athletes of any ability the opportunity to increase power and endurance when it comes to working out and uses your unique genetic make up in order to recommend the right types of exercises for you.

    Your DNA data provided by AncestryDNA, MyHeritage or 23andMe can tell you more about your physical capacity for different types of workouts. We assess a range of locations in your genome to make recommendations in terms of your endurance, strength and speed so that you can take your workouts to the next level. Your personalized report is based on your DNA and offers a new way to reach your fitness goals.

  • How does genetic testing for fitness work?

    There are many genes related to fitness, which can affect your strength, speed and resistance. If your workout program is not producing the gains that you are looking for, then it could be because of your genes. Only by understanding the information carried in your genes can you determine the right type of plan to increase your athletic power with maximum efficiency.

    This method is now being used by professional athletes the world over to unlock their power in the most efficient way. The genetic testing for fitness offered by Genomelink assesses a carefully curated list of genes that have been identified through scientific research to affect these aspects of fitness, and determine the sequences you carry at these locations and how they affect your performance.

    Our comprehensive reporting provides insights into what might be holding you back, and the types of exercise that you can perform that will have you reaching your peak performance.

  • DNA fitness testing backed by science

    Working out can be tough, but with comprehensive knowledge of your genetic makeup and how your genes affect your performance, you can tailor your workouts based on your DNA. Every individual is unique, so finding a workout program that works for you can be challenging, but with a genetic fitness test offered by Genomelink, you can take the hard work out of the process so that you can build power and increase fitness with ease.

    At Genomelink, we assess your genotype at a number of locations in your genome in order to identify your phenotype, or physical characteristics, linked to these fitness genes. We have curated our gene links based on scientific evidence in order to provide you with the full picture when it comes to your potential athletic ability and the types of exercises that will benefit you the most.

    Our guidance can help you in challenging yourself so that you can get more out of your workout in order to build strength and endurance so that you can meet and exceed your fitness goals.

  • What is Included in your fitness advice report?

    Genomelink provides a wealth of data that can help you make more efficient choices when it comes to working out. The results from our curated list of genes for each fitness category provide you with a genetic score, and show you how this score performs when compared with our databases. Guidance for your workout routines is provided based on your score so that you can get more out of your exercise regime and meet your fitness goals. Your DNA test for fitness report offers results regarding the following aspects.

    PerformanceEndurance performance focuses on your ability to perform sustained exercise over an extended period of time. Improving endurance depends on aerobic training in both a continuous capacity and interval training. If your genetic score for endurance performance is high, then you will benefit from high intensity interval training as well as longer, moderate sessions.

    Speed Performance
    Speed performance reflects your ability to take part in sports that require fast movement. Your genetic score for sports performance will provide insights on how well you would perform when playing sports such as sprinting, speed skating, ice hockey, soccer and more, so if you score highly in this category, you may choose one of these activities as your primary form of exercise.

    Strength Performance
    Strength performance involves your ability to exercise massive exertion in your muscles, such as lifting weights, and relies on the amount of lean muscle that you have. Individuals who score high in the strength performance category would benefit from strength training. In your report, you will find the genotype and phenotype associated with each fitness related gene that we have curated in the context of athletic speed, endurance and strength. We have also provided you with the science behind the reports, so that youcan see how research has driven the fundamental understanding of the role genetics plays in health and fitness. You will also receive advice on a suitable workout routine that is matched to your genetic results.

  • Understand your athletic ability with a genetic fitness test today

    Unlocking your genetic code in order to determine the right types of workout routines that will cater to your unique physical characteristics is right around the corner with Genomelink. If you have taken a DNA test from a provider such as AncestryDNA, 23andMe or MyHeritage, then you can easily download your raw data, then use our intuitive portal to generate your fitness advice report. Benefit from comprehensive data that provides insights into your genetic makeup so that you can be more efficient when it comes to working out.

    Getting started with Genomelink is simple. Upload your data today to unlock your genetic fitness test report, as well as information on over 250+ traits and ancestry.