• Understand your primary fitness traits
  • Receive fitness guidelines key to maximizing your performance
  • Get personal fitness advice tailored to your genome

What is the best exercise routine for you?

Try a personalized workout informed by your genetics
  • Understand your primary fitness traits
  • Receive fitness guidelines key to maximizing your performance
  • Get personal fitness advice tailored to your genome
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Understand your fitness traits

We’ve partnered with scientists experienced in sports genetics to help highlight the latest science and research applications for fitness. Understanding how your genetics affect how you respond to exercise can be invaluable for planning a fitness routine that will enable you to meet your goals.

Whether you want to lose weight, build your body in a particular way, recover from injury, or perfect your performance in a sport, a DNA test for health and fitness offers information that will empower you to create a better workout. Whether you're crafting a workout yourself or working with a trainer, a genetic fitness test can lay the foundation for a highly effective and safe workout.

The best fitness DNA test can practically plan your workout for you, even going into detail about exactly how every second of a high-intensity interval training session should go.

By continuing to gather data, we help you understand relevant genetic traits for your fitness and update you as experts learn more.

Fitness training plan for you

Based on the latest research, expert advice from sports scientists, and customized insights from your genetics, we recommend a fitness plan tailored for you.

It's natural to choose a fitness plan based on what you see work for your friends, teammates, or celebrities you admire. However, mimicking a fitness plan isn't like copying a great smoothie recipe or workout outfit. Your genetics have a strong effect on how you respond to exercise, which means what works for the people around you may not work for you.

A DNA test for health and fitness tells you exactly what kind of exercise routine your body is likely to respond well to. There's no exercise plan more customized than one based on a genetic fitness test. Other workout plans may take into account your history, any medical conditions you have, your body mass index, etc.

However, they're unlikely to look into the genetics that influence your particular strength, endurance, end exercise tolerance to determine a plan that will be effective, safe, and work well with your lifestyle and body. This is a training plan that promises real results based on solid research.

What other Genomelinkers say

  • Jody

    I love running and triathlons and really enjoyed learning more about my genetic strengths in regards to fitness. It definitely matched some of my strengths.
  • Dean

    I'm getting back into a fitness routine, and this report was valuable for helping me think about which types of workouts to prioritize.
  • Barbara

    I learned so much about my body and how my genes affect my ability to do certain types of exercise.

Traits and advice covered in the report

Unique genetic trait analysis:

  • Endurance performance
  • Speed performance
  • Strength performance

Personalized recommendation of:

  • Aerobic training
  • Resistence training for power
  • Resistence training for building muscle size
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