Genetic Nutrition Testing

Unique DNA Trait Analysis Available On Genomelink
Interested in learning more about how your genes and nutrition intersect? Explore the following food and nutrition-related genetic traits:

Genomelink offers the tools and expertise that will help you unlock your genetic potential. We can empower you with the insight you need to live your best life through in-depth genetic nutrition analysis!

Can your genes affect the way your body processes nutrients? 

Having an in-depth nutritional genetic profile will help you and your physician better understand how to customize your food intake. What will your DNA tell you about how food and nutrition affect your body, mind, and spirit? 

Basic Nutrient Absorption

How your body uses micronutrients and macronutrients

  • Which are the best proteins, carbohydrates, and fats for your unique needs?
  • Do your genes affect the way your body absorbs vitamins and minerals?

Food Sensitivities and Allergies

How your body responds to different foods and nutrients

  • Do you have a sensitivity to particular ingredients?
  • How do caffeine and alcohol affect your body?

Genetic Nutrition Superfoods

How different nutrient-dense foods can help you maximize wellness

  • Which superfoods meet your genetic nutritional requirements?
  • How do different superfoods benefit your unique needs?

Food-Influenced Behaviors

How different genetic traits affect your food-related actions and habits

  • Do you feel especially hungry during particular circumstances (stress, happiness, etc.)?
  • Do you crave certain foods at certain times?

DNA and Food Preferences

What your genetic traits say about your favorite foods

  • Are there foods/flavors you absolutely love?
  • Are there foods/flavors you absolutely hate?

DNA and Optimal Mealtimes

What your genetic makeup says about your ideal mealtimes

  • When should you eat breakfast?
  • How should you time your meals?

Here are different genetic nutrition traits that our team can identify through raw DNA file analysis.

Genetic Nutrition Testing for Alcohol Drinking Behavior

Your physiological response to alcohol consumption can largely be predicted by your genetic profile. Learn whether you have inherited genetic markers for certain alcohol drinking behaviors and responses here

Genetic Nutrition Testing for Calorie Consumption

Your genetic profile can help you better understand how your body uses energy. Learn how your genes affect your ability to maintain, lose, or gain weight here.

Genetic Nutrition Testing for Gluten Sensitivity

Gluten intolerance can run in families, and there might be an identifiable genetic link. Did you inherit a sensitivity to gluten? Learn if you carry a genetic predisposition to low gluten tolerance here.

Genetic Nutrition Testing for Sodium Intake

The human body needs sodium, but your genes could be telling you how much or how little your body requires. Learn if there is a genetic component to how your blood pressure responds to sodium here

Genetic Nutrition Testing for Sugar Intake 

Do you think you might be addicted to sweets? There might be a genetic influence involved. Learn if your sweet tooth is in your DNA here.