Continuously learn about your DNA.

Genomelink is a new standard to know more about your DNA data. We help you understand your DNA identity with intuitive visualization and scientifically educational, entertaining content.

Super simple. Fun to use.
Get started with Genomelink in just 3 easy steps.
  • 1. Download your DNA Data
    Simply download your DNA data from one of the source you’ve already used to have it tested. If you haven’t had it tested yet, get one of our recommended kits here.

    Here are how you can download from
    23andMe | | MyHeritage *Genomelink is currently only compatible with data from these 3  services.
  • 2. Upload to Genomelink
    Once you have your data, simply upload it to Genomelink. It takes only seconds.
  • 3. Unlock Weekly Traits
    Once you’ve uploaded your data to Genomelink, we’ll update you weekly with a new trait so you are always learning more about yourself on a molecular level. Instantly unlock all our previous traits (over 150) as well.

Your DNA Dashboard

Genomelink is your personal DNA cloud where you can learn more about your DNA identity based on the latest science. Categories including Physical Traits, Personality, Intelligence, Food & Nutrition, Fitness are available

Go Deeper Into Genomics Science

Transparency is core of our product. Your reports will include a summary of each study with a scientific reliability score so that you can learn where science is taking us.

Do More With Advanced Reports

In addition to our weekly trait update. We also offer in-depth reports on ancient ancestry, nutrition, and fitness
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