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Good but additional info may be needed

As someone of Asian ancestry, it is great that Genomelink is able to provide more information on my ancestry that no other DNA Ancestry company was able to do, which mostly seems to focus on European ancestry. There are also a lot of reports that provide amazing DNA history far back into the past. So far, what is provided seems to be very accurate to my family history and more.

Gregory Harper
Genomelink gives so much more depth

Genomelink gives so much more depth. If you’ve paid for DNA analysis from other companies, Genomelink can use that data for free and show you so much more!

Trish Parkinson
A brilliant site

A brilliant site. I have found connections that I wasn't aware of and some ancientconnections to countries that I did not have any idea that were part of my ancestry.

Jennifer Canales
Highly recommend

A very user friendly and knowledgeable group! They have incorporated fun and excitement into finding your traits based on facts. I highly recommend linking your raw DNA here!

Fascinating insights into your genome

Fascinating insights into your genome, better than just names which may have been altered or changed over the years, you can't change genetics.

Yussef El lebnani
Very good for traits and ancestry

Very good genomelink allowed me to know more about my ancestry and also, to know about many many traits, and this for free.. I can also contribute in the research : sometimes you have questions about disesases you'have had etc.Also dna often isn't everything so you can tell them that this trait isn't accurate for you and they will adjust the model...very good

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