January 12, 2022
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Soda Consumption - Learn More About Your Genetic Traits

Could your DNA reveal your Soda Consumption? Upload raw DNA data to learn more about yourself and genomics science.
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Can your DNA reveal your Soda Consumption?

You might be able to use your genetics as an excuse for that soda habit.

Guess what? Like with the Calorie Consumption trait, the Dopamine D2 receptor (DRD2) gene is reportedly involved. That 2018 study by Ramos-Lopez et al. examined different sugar-rich foods. Just as a review, the study examined the differences in sugar intake and triglyceride levels among West Mexicans with differences at a specific locus of the DRD2 gene.

Because they found a significant difference in sugar intake between those with a specific genotype (the CC genotype of the DRD2 gene) and those with other genotypes (the CT or TT gene variants), they examined further into sugar-rich foods that could be driving this significant association. Those with the CC genotype were found to be more frequent consumers of soda than those with the other genotypes: 80% of those with the CC variant reportedly drink soda at least 3 times a week, compared to less than 60% for those with either the CT or TT genotype.

Interestingly, other sugar-rich food intake did not vary between the different groups, which suggests that, at least in this Mexican population, the main difference in sugar intake is due to the amount of soda consumed.

Find Ramos-Lopez et al.'s study here if you want to learn more: https://europepmc.org/abstract/med/30008437

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Soda Consumption

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