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Curious about your height gene? Learn what genomic science tells us about our height genes.

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What can DNA analysis tell you about your height genes? Upload raw DNA data to learn more about yourself and genomics science.

Have you reached your full height potential?

If you’re an adult, you have probably grown as tall as possible. But was that your genetic destiny? Will your offspring and descendants inherit the potential to grow even taller?

Even if you’re average height or shorter, it doesn’t necessarily mean you don’t share genetic markers with people of above-average height. It’s true – you have a genetically predetermined maximum height! It’s your environment that allows you to reach it. Here’s what you need to know about your height genes.

How Do Genes Affect My Height?

It's no surprise that your height is heavily influenced by your genes. But how?

DNA plays a large role in determining height. Research conducted on fraternal and identical twins shows that 80% of height variability has a genetic basis. Scientists, however, have been unable to identify the genes responsible for most of this variability until recently. 

It turns out that thousands of gene loci contribute to human height. When combined, these gene loci seem to explain a significant portion of height differences in the population. Unsurprisingly, many of the loci were clustered on genes involved in growth, including genes that have been previously linked to abnormal skeletal growth and other growth disorders. 

Researchers have now located a significant portion of Europeans' heritability gap by collecting the genome data of 4 million people, the largest genome-wide study ever undertaken. Researchers have discovered nearly 10,000 DNA markers that account for the role of common genetic variants on height in this group. In sum, the findings suggest that there are many gene loci influencing your height in small ways. 

Another study focusing on East Asians shows that the 98 loci they identified explain roughly 9% of the variation in height in this population. 

The findings could bring us closer to the reality of personalized medicine. Identifying the genetic components that contribute to particular traits and medical conditions across ancestries could lead to a fundamental shift in how we approach medical care. It could be possible to use genomic science as a supplement to traditional bloodwork and diagnostic procedures to identify risks for diseases. (However, it's important to note that these studies only isolate genetic markers that influence height.)

How Do I Find Out About My Height Gene?

If you are curious about what your genetic profile says about your height genes and whether your children (and their future offspring) carry genes for a particular height, the team at Genomelink can help!

If you have performed an at-home DNA test from a provider like 23andMe or AncestryDNA, you can retrieve your raw DNA file for further analysis. Once you’ve downloaded your genetic profile, you can submit it to the genomic science team at Genomelink for a detailed, in-depth report.

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