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The Genetics of Curly Hair, Straight Hair, And Everything In Between

What’s your hair texture genetics? If you’ve wondered why your hair is curly, learn about the genetics of curly hair here.

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Why does your hair have its unique qualities? Does genetics determine hair texture? Harness the power of genomic science to learn more about your physical traits!

Is your hair curly, straight, or somewhere in the middle?

The grass is always greener on the other side. All the straight-haired people spend time and money at the salon to create curls or waves, while the curly-haired similarly use chemicals and heat to discipline their wilder locks. While the human need to make cosmetic changes to our hair texture might have a genetic component, how our hair looks is definitely determined by our genes.

Your genes are not the only factor determining your hair type, but they make a difference. It is possible to have straight hair genes even if your hair is curly. In-depth DNA analysis can help you understand why your hair behaves the way it does.

What Are the Genetics of Curly Hair Texture?

Is hair type genetic? Is hair texture genetic? The genetics of curly hair are complex.

Study after study confirms that your hair's texture or curl pattern is an inherited characteristic. Curly hair is an additive trait, meaning the degree to which your hair curls is determined by the number of genetic variants you possess. If you have curly hair, it is probable that your children will have curly hair too, but it's not a certainty. This phenomenon is due to the number of genes that influence hair texture and curl. It's not unusual for straight-haired parents to have curly-haired children and vice versa.

There have been plenty of studies over the years regarding hair texture genetics. The hair texture gene you have can explain why you can’t get the straight and full locks you’ve always desired or why your hair simply won’t stay curly no matter how hard you try.

How Do Genes Affect Curly Hair Texture?

It turns out that whether you have straight or curly hair is associated with the same EDAR gene, a gene that also influences eyebrow thickness. The 2018 genome-wide association study involving over 11,000 Japanese women found the genetic factors of various physical traits, including hair texture. The statistically significant locus in the EDAR gene, if mutated, has been associated with conditions like ectodermal dysplasia (which can cause abnormalities in your hair, teeth, skin, and glands).

How Do I Find What Genes I Have?

DNA analysis might be the best way to find out about your hair texture genetics. A DNA testing kit is simple to use, and your genetic DNA testing results can reveal many answers to the questions you might have had about your hair, your skin, and numerous other traits.

Once you’ve taken an at-home DNA test, you can use your raw DNA file for further analysis of your genetic profile. Just sign in to the Genomelink dashboard to upload your DNA file, and our experts will do the rest.

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